Fishing in RI runs from May to November.

Below we have provided a what fish show up when and when we can target them for charters. 

Fishing starts in May when the first stripers show up.  They will briefly be along the south shore and then shoot up Narragansett Bay.  We generally target them toward the end of may until the end of October.  Bass can get up to 72lbs, and any fish over 34" long is female,  The big females are prolific breeders and it is better to release them if possible.

In June Bluefish start to show up and we begin catching them along with stripers.  Flounder fishing also begins and gets better as the month goes on.  Bluefish hang around from June to sometime in October.  Flounder are targeted from mid-June until the first week or so in September.

In July the bass and blues are usually around in large numbers and we target them, along with flounder.   Some tuna may show up and if there around we'll go after them.  Toward the end of the month we can go after sharks.

August brings strong sun and high temps and the tuna begin to show up and we'll schedule trips for them.   The tunas usually hang around until September-November, depending on the weather.  A good storm can drive them away at any time during that period.  

September we are mostly targeting stripers and blues with some shark and tuna trips if the waters are still warm.

October starts with bass and blues and ends with tautog trips, which run into the first week or so of November.  Then we pull the boat.

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