This May Answer Some of Your Questions About a Charter.

First thing is when you need to arrive.  You talk with the captain and work out a start time that works for everyone.  It is important to arrive on time, some captains work to a close timetable to get you on fish so by all means try not to be late.   Once you arrive get your stuff and get down to the boat as soon as you can.  Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and food and drink for the time youíll be out on the water.  Donít think you can get it on the way to the boat, many stores in Southern RI are closed early in the morning.

Ok now everyone is on board and the lines are untied and the boat moves away from the dock.  You will cruise for some period of time before reaching the first fishing spot.  How long depends on the type of fish you are after.  Flounder trips are often inshore and short travel times while Striper trips are usually longer.

How you fish is dependent on the type of fish targeted.  Bottom fishing for Flounder, Tautog, Sea Bass or Scup means usually everyone will get to fish at the same time.  When fishing for Stripers & Blues everyone might get to fish at the same time or not, depending on the fishing method which can be trolling, deep jigging or casting and retrieving plugs and soft plastic baits.  Fish are hooked and people in the party fight the fish to the boat and the captain or mate actually brings the fish over the side into the boat.  Many times people want to watch and are surprised when the fish comes sailing over the side towards them.

Keeping fish.  What you can keep depends on the species caught and the regulations governing them.  Normally they must be of a minimum size, and you can take so may per person.  An example would be striped bass, which have to be 28Ē minimum length and only two fish per person max.  Keeper fish will usually go into the cooler. 

The captain will fillet and remove the skin on all the keeper fish, then bag them.  The customers take home only the fillets, unless they specifically want whole fish.

Then its time to go back, tie up at the dock, talk for a while and then go home at the end of a successful trip.

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